The Committees

LAS/ANS in run by an Executive Committee made up of

  • 4 Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  • 9 Members elected for 3-year terms
  • 1 Member inmediate-past Chair.

Each year, elections are held for Officers to hold office during a one-year mandate and for one-third of the Members reaching the end of their 3-year mandate.

The Vice-Chair becomes the Chair after ending his one-year term.

Executive Committee

LAS/ANS Committees

Several Standing and Technical Committees are appointed by the Executive Committee to perform specific functions foreseen in the Bylaws or required by the LAS/ANS annual program.

Committee Chairs are nominated by the LAS/ANS Chair and confirmed by the Executive Committee. Committee Chairs participate without voting-right at Executive Committee Meetings. Members of the Committees are nominated by the Committee Chair and confirmed by the LAS/ANS Chair.

Committee Chairs