Annual Symposium

On the occasion of its Annual Meeting, in June/July each year, the Section organizes a Symposium on nuclear subjects of relevance focusing on the importance of such subjects in Latin American programs. Meetings on Nuclear Power and the Environment, Operation of Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Energy Applications, Strategies for Nuclear Energy Development, were held lately. The Proceedings of these meetings are being sought worldwide.

These Symposia have gained a good reputation for being representative of the status of nuclear energy development in the region. When selecting presentations for the Symposium, good quality contributions by members of the Section have priority for oral presentation. The LAS/ANS Symposia have been held in different cities of the region (Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Veracruz, Acapulco, Santiago – Chile, Cancun and Los Cabos – Baja California).
International Organizations

International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC)
LAS/ANS is a founder member of INSC. The Section represents the interests of Latin American nuclear professionals, particularly those who have no national Society to act on their behalf. In all activities of INSC, the Section takes due care to assure a Latin American representation. From 1991 to 2002, LAS/ANS has been responsible for the Secretary/Treasurer, 2nd and 1st Vice Chairmain posts in this organization, and as from 2003 LAS/ANS is chairing INSC.
Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC)
In 1995, LAS/ANS was admitted at PNC to act on behalf of the nuclear communities of the Latin American countries not represented in this Council.
The World Council on Isotopes (WCI)
LAS/ANS is a founder member of WCI. The Section nominates among its members representatives to act in Governance, and in the Standing and Special Committees of the Council. LAS/ANS members are able to use WCI for in-depth professional information exchange and to derive practical ways and means for their needs of production, distribution and use of radioisotopes.
American Nuclear Society (ANS)
ANS is the parent organization of LAS. Some of LAS members have been elected to become ANS Fellows. LAS members have held governance posts at ANS (Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, International Committee, Local Sections Committee, Membership Committee, Special Committee for Nuclear Societies Cooperation, etc.).
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
In 2004, LAS/ANS was admitted with Observer Status at this U.N. agency and its representatives attended the COP-10 meeting in Buenos Aires (December 2004).

The LAS publishes regularly a Newsletter, with news and information on nuclear matters mainly from Latin American countries. The Newsletter is distributed free of charge to LAS members.

LAS organizes technical courses in different parts of the region, according to members' requests. Courses in Nuclear Engineering and Atomic Energy Applications were held in the past. Attendance fees to cover costs of the courses are applied.

LAS has three annual Awards to recognize achievements in the following areas
Personality of the Year
For outstanding performance, given to an individual having contributed to the development of Nuclear Energy of Latin America. The selection of awardees is international. (Individuals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico and the U.S. have received this Award).
Publication of the Year
For the technical publication of outstanding quality in the nuclear area, authored by Latin American individuals or groups. (Authors from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico have received this Award).
Press Award
For the most accurate and objective press article or report in the nuclear area, published in the year by a Latin American media organization (newspaper, TV station, etc.). (Media representatives from Brazil, Mexico and Chile have received this Award).