The Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society (LAS/ANS) was created on 14th April 1975 with the aim to represent the interests of the nuclear professionals of Latin America.

It gathers the nuclear communities of the Latin American region from Mexico to Argentina, including Central American, South American and Caribbean countries. The Section is located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

After more than 45 years of existence, LAS/ANS has achieved a well recognized leadership position in the region, acting as an organization that represents and safeguards the goals and expectations of the Latin American nuclear communities. This reputation is accepted worldwide.


The main objective of the Section is to further the development of nuclear science and technology in the fields of industry, agriculture, medicine, energy and related activities, with emphasis in promoting the integration of the different areas of the nuclear activity in the Latin American region.

Other objectives are: promoting nuclear research and education; exchange of information; promoting technical meetings in the region to discuss scientific and technical contributions, and cooperation with governmental and international agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations with same objectives, as well as to provide due recognition to individuals and institutions having held an outstanding role in the nuclear development of the region.