iPapers - Symposium 2016

Keynote speaker 1 Mr. Andrew Klein US Development of Advanced Nuclear Technologies
Keynote speaker 2 Mr. Jorge Spitalnik Nuclear Energy at the Paris Climate Change Agreement
Panel 1: Power Policies and Nuclear Programs Structure - Latin America
Mr. Jaime Pahissa Campá Situación de la Energía Nuclear en la Argentina
Mr. Renato Queiroz Matching Nuclear and Renewablesto Decarbonize Energy
Ms. Lydia C. Paredes Gutiérrez Nuclear Energy in the Near Future in Mexico
Mr. Julio Vergara Nuclear Energy Policy in Chile
Keynote speaker 3 Mr. André Salgado Providing Low-Carbon Electricity Solutions to Brazil
Panel 2: Integration of Nuclear and Renewables
Mr. Marcelo Gomes Matriz Elétrica Brasileira - Desafios para o século 21
Mr. Julio Vergara Hybrid Nuclear Systems
Mr. Sandro Yamamoto Energia Eólica
Keynote speaker 4 Mr. Otávio Mielnik Business Model
Panel 3: Supply Chain Development and Nuclear Energy Day to Day Applications
Mr. Sergey Krivolapov O Futuro da Energia Nuclear: Oportunidades e Desafios
Mr. Andreas Goebel ATMEA1, The Solution for Your Projects
Mr. André Rebello Jr. AP1000TM Plant Project Update Reducing New Nuclear Plant Development Risk
Mr. Jader Matos da Silva Nuclear Energy Solutions for Day to Day Applications
Mr. Liberal Enio Zanelatto Nuclep – The Company
Mr. José Carlos Castro Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - INB - Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Mr. Gabriel Calleros Supply of Materials and Equipments in the Nuclear Industry in Latin America
Panel 4: Public Acceptance 
Ms. Sophia Vergueiro Energia Nuclear e Proteção Ambiental
Ms. Lydia C. Paredes Gutiérrez Aceptación Pública de la Energía Nuclear
Mr. Julio Vergara Public Perception of Nuclear Energy
Mr. Jaime Pahissa Campá Necesidad Ineludible Del Aporte Nuclear
Keynote speaker 6 Mr. Felipe Gonçalves Perspectivas para a Energia Nuclear no Brasil


Ms. Fernanda Werner and Ms. Paula Rodrigues Acceptance Competition União Naval Nuclear Supernuclear
Mr. Gustavo Medeiros and Mr. Alexandre Lima de Freitas Energia para todos
Ms. Alice Cunha da Silva Nuclear Olympiad - 2015
Panel 5: Incentives for Professional Qualification (Human Resources)
Mr. Aquilino Senra Incentives for Professional Qualification
Mr. Delvonei Alves de Andrade Incentives for Professional Qualification
Mr. Ilson Soares Incentives for Professional Qualification
Mr. Luciano Pagano Incentives for Professional Qualification