LAS/ANS Symposium 2012 – List of Papers



Agnes Borchardt

Nuclear power option for Uruguay

Carlos L. M.Prates, Lucio D. B. Ferrari, Tarcísio F. Cardoso

Seismic hazard re-evaluation for Angra NPP site

Claudio Almeida

CNEN Actions Related to Fukushima Accident

Eduardo Figueira da Silva

World Nuclear University: Nuclear Leadership Development Opportunities

Holger Ludwig, Uwe Stoll (1)

Results of the national and EU post-Fukushima safety analysis for NPPs: conclusions and requirements. Considerations for German PWRs

Holger Ludwig, Uwe Stoll (2)

ATMEA1: robust and safe Generation III+ reactor in the light of the lessons learned from Fukushima

Isidro de la Fuente

GEH Safety Enhancement Services

J.D. Riera

Consideration and Quantification of Uncertainties in NPP Design and Operation: A View after Kashiwasaki and Fukushima Recent Events

José Mauro Esteves

System for generating scenarios and assessment of nuclear emergency drills

José V. Lolich (1)

Updating Nuclear Programs in Latin America after Fukushima (Argentina case)

José V. Lolich (2)

Scientific Education and Capacity Building Programs for Nuclear Power Projects

Kazuaki Matsui (1)

Fukushima Status and Lessons

Kazuaki Matsui (2)

Current status of Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

Leonam Guimarães

Updating Nuclear Power Program in Brazil After Fukushima

Luca Oriani

Extreme Events:AP1000® Safety Concepts and Robustness to External Hazards

Luciano Pagano Junior

Revising Technical and Scientific Education for Nuclear Power Projects. The Case of the Brazilian Navy Nuclear Program

Michael Corradini

Post-Fukushima: Nuclear Power Education and Outreach. Revised Technical & Scientific Education for Nuclear Power Plant Projects in the U.S.

Nandu B Patankar

Overview of Mitigation Strategies (FLEX) for Beyond-Design-Basis External Events

Paulo Vieira

ELETRONUCLEAR's Response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident

Paulo Werneck

ELETRONUCLEAR's Response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident. Management o f Emergency Conditions

Ronaldo da Silva Ferreira


Rubens Souza dos Santos

Steam Turbine: Alternative Emergency Drive for Secure Removal of Residual Heat from the Reactor Core that Use Water as Coolant after Fukushima

Thomas Steinrötter

Existing Severe Accident Management Measures for German NPP and Current Activities for Improvement as Consequences of the Fukushima Accident

Víctor Manuel González Mercado

CNSNS Actions after the Fukushima Accident

Wilson Montalvão

Acordo de Cooperação da ELETROBRÁS-ELETRONUCLEAR com a CAPES – Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior

Zieli D. Thomé, Rogério S. Gomes, Fernando C. da Silva, Joana D'Arc R. Lopes Gomes

Xenon Detection at Fukushima NPP UNIT 2

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