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Annex VIII - INSC Statement on the peaceful application of nuclear technology

(April 9, 1995)

The International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) representing 50,000 nuclear professionals in 46 societies around the world is dedicated to ensure nuclear power is utilized for peaceful uses.

In this context, initiatives taken to promote such peaceful uses by other organizations are strongly supported by the INSC.

The INSC fulfills this role by its professionals working to the following Global Creed:

Nuclear Professionals should uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of their profession by:

  • Promoting the involvement of Societies and professionals worldwide in the quest of excellence and quality in the application of nuclear science and technology for the service of humanity.
  • Promoting the use of their knowledge and skills for the enhancement of human welfare by furthering public health and safety and environmental protection in the implementation of nuclear projects and programs.
  • Enhancing the peaceful uses and application of nuclear science and technology.
  • Ensuring the public is informed of the facts surrounding nuclear science and technology in an objective and truthful manner.
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