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Dear participants:

Welcome to the Cancun 2007 International Joint Meeting (IJM) where the Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society holds its 2007 Symposium, the Mexican Nuclear Society carries out its XVIII Annual Meeting and the Mexican Radiological Safety Society participates with its XXV Annual Meeting, all these Co-sponsored by the Mexican Association for Energy Economics.  All these societies have gathered their efforts to celebrate the grand event “Contribution of Nuclear Energy to the Sustainable Development of Latin-America” to take place the first five days of July in the beautiful city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

There are scheduled three plenary sessions, two round tables by invited specialists, 14 technical sessions, one student session and two Laguna Verde sessions.

The plenary sessions involve participants coming from renowned international organizations that will include presentations regarding nuclear reactor technology, fuel cycle, and electricity sector planning, all within an international context. There will be 73 papers, arranged in 17 technical sessions, whose authors are from well known national and international institutions. This work exemplifies the intense research and development activity in the nuclear industry as well as in the area of radiological safety and energy economics. In addition, the 7 student papers reveal the impetus that the nuclear community provides to the formation of human resources.

We wish to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the organization, planning and production of this event which demonstrates the cooperation and friendship that exists between colleagues from different countries. Special thanks are given to the companies and institutions that have in various ways sponsored this event, without which it would not have been possible, among other things, for the students to attend Cancun 2007 IJM.

We hope all of the conference participants as well as their families who accompany them have a pleasant stay in Cancun and in its exquisite natural and cultural surroundings.



The Organizing Committee of Cancun 2007 IJM

IJM 2007

Contribution of Nuclear Energy to the Sustainable Development of Latin-America

IJM 2007