i2016 LAS/ANS Symposium

Annually, LAS/ANS holds a symposium in a Latin America country, aiming at the exchange of information and discussion of the latest developments of nuclear energy applications in the region and the world and dissemination to the public in general, including communication professionals, of the benefits of nuclear energy utilization.
This 2016 LAS/ANS Symposium will have as its main theme "Matching Nuclear and Renewables to Decarbonize Energy".
This central theme was chosen because of the global recognition that renewable and nuclear are both needed to fight climate change. In order tolimit the temperature increase below 2°C in 2050 at least 80% of the world’s electricity must be low-carbon by 2050. This fact is making authorities of several countries to diversify their electricity generation programs by integrating Nuclear & Renewables in their Energy Mix.
Traditionally, the Symposium gathers personalities of the nuclear area of the countries from the region, as well as from North America, Europe and Asia.


  • Integration of Nuclear & Renewables in the Energy Mix
  • Supply chain development;
  • Nuclear Energy day to day applications;
  • Human Resources;
  • Public Acceptance;
  • Review of Legal Structures;
  • Nuclear Power Policies.